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Anna Sigga

Sounds like you had a grand time in London girl and the photos look fab!! I have learned from experience that hotels next to Victoria station are NOT too fab!! ;o) I look forward to the Paris blog!

chelsea kocina

The pictures are fabulous and I can't wait to hear and see more----oooh, I have an idea--how about I take you out for dinner next wednesday and you tell me all about it! I'm coming to Omaha!


Sounds like a dream! And no rain! wonderful! Loving your photos!! more more!!!


Love the photos! I want to see more!

Next weekend, I'm gonna bring my portfolio to Melissa's shower and show you. I'll keep it in my car till afterwards, though.. 'cause it's Melissa's day, but I want you to see it!

I'm gonna finish it by midnight tonight! I'm so terrified to finish it. Haha.

Eep! I'm going crazy! Love you!


& I just realized I need to make that celebrity baby game. Haha. Shoot.. it'll get done. ;)


OH WOW IM LOVIN YOUR PICTURES I bet they would jsut throw rocks at me over there with the way I talk....

OH well..
I can live vicariously through you rofl
doubt Ill be makin the trip LOOKS Like you had a blast cant wait to see you scrap em :)

Kara Jones

glad you had a great time and these photos are beautiful. I can't wait to see more!


You have some stunning photo's of your London trip... glad you had fun :)

Amanda Willey

In the immortal words of the Cafe Perk gang..."LONDON BABY WOOO!" 2 weeks versus 11 weeks maternity not the same I know, but I did miss you. I am glad you made it home safely, can't wait to see more about your trip! Oh and thanks for the goodies from Paris!

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