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Kimberly Kwan

I agree with you on the movie. We watched it on the plane from Paris to DC the day AFTER visiting Versailles, and while it was certainly eye-candy...was there even a plot? The movie didn't even attempt to get into her "head!" I was hugely disappointed, but Stella's movies are always kinda like that.

The images of Versailles, though looked AMAZINGLY like the real thing...I wonder, do you know if htey filems in Versailles??? EVen part of it? Because if not, the set and costumer designers SHOULD win awards!!


mmmm.... love your versailles photos, they are beautiful. Makes me wish I had my DSLR when I visited.

melissa deakin

i haven't seen this movie, but i am definitely into the eye candy like you described.
your photos are amazing!
love your blog...that banner is so fun!


Gorgeous photos!

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