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My vote is that you take the good camera!

I'm super jealous. I've dreamed of going to China ever since high school when I learned about the thousands of statues underground of soldiers and horses, etc. I'm sorry I don't remember what that is called. I hope you do find a little time to look around. Have fun!


Caraaaa! I heard that you were pretty nervous to go - I would be too, darling. I say take your good camera, because you know... you'll never go back there again, AND it'll be a good release for you. :)

LOVE your layouts! Especially that picture with the guy and his dog. These look so professional, Cara.

As for loading up your iPod with new tunes? I think I can help you there, deary.
-Aqualung "Strange and Beautiful" -- I heard their new CD "Memory Man" is also very good, too. Haven't checked that one out yet.

-Copeland "Eat, Sleep, Repeat" -- it will make you feel creative, and calm. Seriously, it's wonderful. It's their newest one. :)

-Dane Cook (comedian) -- just so you can laugh, when you're scared. :)

-Daphne Loves Derby "Goodnight, Witness Light" -- just got the pre-order of this.. it's just feel-good music.

-Desperation Band "Who You Are" -- to keep the faith when you get lost in China.. hehe.

-Eric Skelton "One More Smile, Fake As The Night" -- found this guy on Myspace. He's very good. Another feel-good type of CD.

-Imogen Heap "Speak For Yourself" -- although you better ALREADY have this. :P

-Joshua Radin "We Were Here" - very indie, very relaxing. His music has been on The Last Kiss.

-Trace Bundy "Adapt" -- all acoustic/guitar music. Very relaxing, it will be good to sleep to on the plane. I saw this guy live, he's amazing.

There you go, dear! Those are my suggestions. I believe you can find all those on iTunes too.

I love you!! :) I'll be thinking about you.


Cara, You will have plenty of opportunity to take photos. Yes, you'll be working non-stop, but consider the photos as part of your job. Just snap as you walk. Keep your camera on your hip. Even photos in the factories will be simply gorgeous when you take them - and you will be "working" while taking them. Share the necessary ones with work. I can't wait to see the creative photo angles you will bring back from the most poor conditions of China. Remember, these will be just as beautiful when seen thru your shutter as the architecture of the cities.


What gorgeous photos & layouts! My dd is going to Europe this week & I hope she brings me home some photos like that to scrap :)

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