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ohmygoodness! i can't take this all in. haha. for starters, everyone LOVES kallie's birth announcement. it's beautiful. :)

i'm going to check out that photography site! have i ever showed you my friend's website, dear? -- you could easily get inspired from him, too! both brad and yourself have similar styles i think. he majored in graphic design and is doing this by himself.. so i know you could too!!!

& i love that quote. i'm saving it.

& that stained glass frame thing is the neatest thing i have ever seen! man cara, you inspire me. can we scrap together and play together soon?

i miss you!!


: ) beautiful piece Cara! : )
Good luck to you as you work out your dreams! : ) Sounds like you've put lots of thought into it... : ) Now comes the doing and that can be scary sometimes, eh? : )

Amanda Willey

Not sure how long ago, I suppose I could check out my "member since" on my store page. A year sounds about right.
On to more important stuff -
Follow your dreams!!! Take a leap of faith, I am still leaping, but I know that as long as I have good friends like you to keep me inspired, everything will turn out right!

Cari Locken

Love those announcements you posted.
And this project is incredibly beautiful Cara!! WOW!!!
How ya doin' girl?! It's been a while since we talked last so I hope you are doing well.


You are one of a few people, Cara, who are gorgeous inside and out and are also able to create beauty, not only with your hands, but also with your words, for others to appreciate. So glad you are you - mind, body, and spirit.

k-joi studios

I lurk on ETSY, just haven't got anything I could sell there right at the moment. I can't wait to see what you come up with! LOVE the project with the leaded frame! The photo is so beautiful!

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